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10K Qualifier - Sorry, not this year....

May 10 Joggin for the Noggin 5K   

Mar.30 OLPS 5K 8 a.m. behind OLPS Church Info 504-430-7379

May 4  
48th Pelicanman 2\10\2 Run\Bike\Run 8:15 a.m. St.Bernard LA, Info 504-452-1276

June 21
CTC President's 2 Mile Race, St.Bernard State Park, Braithwaite Info 504-452-1276

0   Bastille Day 2 mi. St.Bernard State Park 8:15 a.m., Braithwaite Info 504-452-1276

Sept.? 49th Pelicanman 2\10\2 Run\Bike\Run TBA St.Bernard LA, Info 504-452-1276

Nov.? CTC 10 mi.  INFO: 912-2675 or 228-9180

*All are Grand Prix except Pelicanman
Please note that Phil Gioia and Chuck George confer  by phone to review scheduled
dates of upcoming races. Some conflicts can not be avoided due to standing event dates
for both clubs. They are not purposely put on same days if it can be avoided somehow.
NOTE: If we don't have your e-mail address and\or phone number please send them to us so that we may contact you if
a sudden change in plans takes place as have happened lately with storms and course changes at the last minute.
CTC people are welcome to join our e-mail list too.
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